FEATURED: Abcam Training - Theoretical Courses with Certification

Meet with our representative Carlos Torrealba the theoretical courses with certification that Abcam has available for this year 2020.

Play list

SimpleStep: An alternative to traditional ELISA

Webinar offered by Carlos Torrealba, scientific advisor of Allscience. Learn all that this innovative technology of the Abcam brand offers: its protocol, differences with a traditional format, and the advantages it has over other kits.

Abcam: more than antibodies

Meet with our scientific advisor Carlos Torrealba about the Abcam brand, and the solutions it offers for your research.

Breaking the barriers that prevent NGS: Challenging samples

Free webinar offered by the Takara Bio laboratory on May 15, 2018, in which various strategies for obtaining high-quality NGS libraries from low-quality, degraded and clinically relevant DNA and RNA samples were exposed.

Myxococcus colony eating an E coli colony

These mixobacteria, of Gram-negative cells, are characterized by their swarm-like self-organizational behavior in response to an environmental stimulus.

Dr Peter H Diamandis interview

Interesting intervention by Dr Peter H Diamandis, doctor, entrepreneur, founder and president of the X PRIZE Foundation, where he explains that we are evolving in the field of metaintelligence.

Laboratory Safety

Important recommendations to preserve safety within the laboratory facilities, and avoid potential accidents.

The mitosis phases

Excellent video about the stages of mitosis, from the moment the cells prepare for this process.

How is DNA packed?

Fascinating video about the basic process of DNA packaging